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Taking food to the next level

With millions of square meters in the built-up areas to serve as fertile ground, urban farming in Singapore has every chance of growing into an exemplary, sustainable and profitable solution. Singapore has already taken the first initiatives. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Urban Farming Partners, a group of experts in the fields of food, logistics, planning and architecture, are working together with the Dutch Government. We would like to team up with partners in Singapore and investors for the next big step.

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In the spotlight

Urban Farming Partners and HSL collaborate to build large scale integrated commercial farm in Singapore

Urban Farming Partners and HSL collaborate to build large scale integrated commercial farm in Singapore Singapore, February 5th 2018 Urban farming Partners (UFP), a Dutch public-private partnership, joins forces with HSL, an infrastructure construction company in the ASEAN region. Together they will develop a large scale integrated commercial farm in HSL’s existing building. This farm potentially has a capacity of over 1000 tons of healthy and fresh, ready-to-eat produce for the Singapore market. Growing fresh produce in an optimal indoor environment with state-of-the-art LED-lighting, irrigation, fertigation and climate control systems; this integrated urban farm concept of UFP fits seamlessly with the opportunities in the industrial premises of HSL in the Singapore harbour. UFP and HSL signed a cooperation agreement on the 30th of January to make this integrated urban farm a reality. This new partner is an essential addition to the established partnerships with Citizen Farm as a local operator and knowledge partner Nanyang Technological University. Citizen Farm, has already developed productive food gardens in Singapore for clients like restaurants, schools, hotels, and residences. HSL is devoted to social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, and green and healthy environments. These traits match perfectly with the vision of UFP and Citizen Farm. Circular processes like the harvest of rainwater and solar power and reuse of industrial CO2 are examples of sustainable proven technologies that will be included in the overall design of the urban farm. Mid 2018 the partners will decide on the crops and growth systems most suitable for the urban farm in the HSL building. Together, we take Singapore food to the next level! For more information: Wouter Vos, Chairman Urban Farming Partners T: +31 6 53 13 48 61 E: [email protected] www.urbanfarmingpartners.com Grace Lim-Quek, HSL E: [email protected] www.hsl.com.sg Read more

Dutch agriculture sector inspires Singapore in shaping the future of urban farming

Showcasing the 101 tower as a novel concept in urban indoor agriculture, Urban Farming Partners will be present at the Indoor AG Con in Singapore on 16 and 17 January in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Meet our representatives at the Holland booth, and discover the potential to work together to take Singapore food to the next level.Read more

Urban Farming Partners and Citizen Farm team up to make integrated urban farm a reality

How to create a new, sustainable world in which smart cities house and feed a growing global population? With ground-breaking research, technological innovations, exhibitions and education, The New Farm demonstrates that the Netherlands is the place to be for new disruptive, vertical solutions in urban farming.Read more

Food for the future

  • Urban farming offers a sustainable food solution, especially in densely built-up areas like Singapore

  • Answers to the increasing need for healthy, innovative, sustainable food production

  • First initiatives have already been taken and results are highly promising

  • This integral, circular approach will make urban farms even more sustainable and profitable

  • Public-private partnership – experts in food, logistics and urban planning, and the Dutch government – working together with Singaporean partners

  • Together we can turn urban farming in Singapore into an exemplary, profitable business!

Why participate?

Some partners are technology experts, others are hands-on growers. All will be open-minded about innovative agricultural solutions. Together we can set up a game-changing project for profitable urban farming and a sustainable food supply.

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Why invest?

Take urban farming in Singapore to the next level and let it reach its full potential. We are launching a new project to prove the benefits of the integral and circular economy approach. A unique opportunity for investors to be a part of this first project.

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