HSL (associated partner)

  HSL is an infrastructure construction company in the ASEAN region which builds ports, roads and bridges, and helps bring electricity and clean water to communities. Their vision - We are all empowered to build a greater HSL for a better world – and their green office showed their devotion to sustainability, innovations, commitment and green and Read more

Nanyang Technological University (associated partner)

World's Top Young University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Known for research excellence and technological innovation, NTU leads the top Asian universities.  

Citizen Farm (associated partner)

EGC focuses on developing productive food gardens in tropical Singapore for clients: restaurants, schools, hotels, and residences. The goal of EGC is to help cities become more self-sufficient by growing food in underutilised spaces like rooftops, under viaducts, and everywhere in between.  

Greenport Company

Supply chain expert Poseidon forecasts upcoming market demand and translates this into the calculation of stock, production capacity, order, reservation and commodity flow management.Read more


Optimizing the climate, light, water and energy of greenhouses. Following the needs and goals of the growers, Priva offers hardware and software services for food farming under the best of circumstances. Read more


Kenlog is known for doing thorough research, setting up and rolling out training programs and connecting the right partners. Read more

VDH Foil Greenhouses

VDH is the developer of innovative on-roof greenhouses. Balancing the weight of these greenhouses is their key focus: the rooftop pressure needs to be minimized and, at the same time, the structure must be solid and heavy enough to endure heavy winds/storms. Read more