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Urban Farming Partners and HSL collaborate to build large scale integrated commercial farm in Singapore

Urban Farming Partners and HSL collaborate to build large scale integrated commercial farm in Singapore Singapore, February 5th 2018 Urban farming Partners (UFP), a Dutch public-private partnership, joins forces with HSL, an infrastructure construction company in the ASEAN region. Together they will develop a large scale integrated commercial farm in HSL’s existing building. This farm potentially has a capacity of over 1000 tons of healthy and fresh, ready-to-eat produce for the Singapore market. Growing fresh produce in an optimal indoor environment with state-of-the-art LED-lighting, irrigation, fertigation and climate control systems; this integrated urban farm concept of UFP fits seamlessly with the opportunities in the industrial premises of HSL in the Singapore harbour. UFP and HSL signed a cooperation agreement on the 30th of January to make this integrated urban farm a reality. This new partner is an essential addition to the established partnerships with Citizen Farm as a local operator and knowledge partner Nanyang Technological University. Citizen Farm, has already developed productive food gardens in Singapore for clients like restaurants, schools, hotels, and residences. HSL is devoted to social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, and green and healthy environments. These traits match perfectly with the vision of UFP and Citizen Farm. Circular processes like the harvest of rainwater and solar power and reuse of industrial CO2 are examples of sustainable proven technologies that will be included in the overall design of the urban farm. Mid 2018 the partners will decide on the crops and growth systems most suitable for the urban farm in the HSL building. Together, we take Singapore food to the next level! For more information: Wouter Vos, Chairman Urban Farming Partners T: +31 6 53 13 48 61 E: [email protected] Grace Lim-Quek, HSL E: [email protected] Read more

The integrated approach of Sunqiao Urban Agricultural City

Discover China’s first comprehensive modern agricultural development zone. Founded in 1996 by the National Planning Committee, the 8.6 km2 area is now transformed into a multi-functional zone. Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Development Zone already has seeding, facility agriculture, food processing biotechnology, green technology and tourism functions.Read more

The New Farm: international hub for smart urban food solutions and awareness

How to create a new, sustainable world in which smart cities house and feed a growing global population? With ground-breaking research, technological innovations, exhibitions and education, The New Farm demonstrates that the Netherlands is the place to be for new disruptive, vertical solutions in urban farming. Urban Farming Partners The Urban Farming Partners members are part of the initiative of The New Farm in The Hague in the Netherlands. The New Farm is an international hub for smart urban food solutions and awareness. It offers facilities for research, innovation, exhibitions and education. Vertical farming as a solution for cultivation the Netherlands has increased its competitive edge in modern horticulture the last few decades, leading to new innovations in the market, like the knowledge-center for vertical farming. The main goals are to continuously develop new technologies, exhibit new cultivation solutions and present vertical farms as an export-product to tackle the challenge of feeding cities. Living lab A significant part of the knowledge center is the demonstration LED-cell. Nearly 10 meters high, it combines parts of the fourth and fifth floor. The cell is used to develop, test and implement targeted cultivation solutions. Vertical urban farming initiatives Part of the fourth floor accommodates small companies showcasing the production of oysters, mushrooms, insects, seaweed, algae, cress and more. The third floor offers multi-functional space and presentation facilities for on-site and off-site companies and educators. The main space can seat up to 200 people. Additionally, this floor offers break-out and workshop rooms. The multi-functional space will be an important meeting spot for companies, organizations and educators. Incubator The first floor accommodates an incubator with programs for start-ups as well as innovative grown-ups in the field of vertical urban farming. Restaurant & Market On the ground floor, products of The New Farm and other local urban farming initiatives are available for direct consumption in the restaurant or to take home. Read more