Taking food to the next level

The first very promising initiatives have been taken. Now, it’s time to take urban farming in Singapore to the next level. An integral and circular approach will let Singaporean urban farms reach their full potential in terms of health, sustainability and profit.

Why urban farming?

The world population is growing and megacities are emerging. Mostly situated in coastal and delta areas, many of these cities are exposed to the effects of climate change – from coastal storms to flooding. While the urbanization of agricultural land continues, the quest for sustainable solutions becomes urgent. The need to develop new ways of producing food increases. Urban farming is a solution with high potential, especially in densely built-up areas like Singapore.

Why Singapore?

With lots of high-rise buildings, Singapore has little agricultural land available. Currently, about 90 percent of its food is imported. However, high-rise buildings not only take up space, they also provide space. Millions of square meters in, on top of and underneath buildings can serve as fertile ground for supplying the local food market. Urban farms increase Singapore’s food security and create promising new markets, with benefits for investors, urban farmers and retailers.

Why team up?

The public-private partnership – experts in food, logistics and urban planning working with the Dutch Government – are teaming up with local partners, from growers to supermarkets, to take the next big step in urban farming. To prove urban farming’s potential and demonstrate the partnership’s qualities, we set up a business case together for an exemplary, sustainable and highly profitable food chain.

Why the Dutch?

The Dutch have been thinking in terms of integrated solutions for centuries. We are experts in urban planning, optimizing indoor and outdoor greenhouses and transforming rain into fresh water used to grow food. Moreover, we are well trained to rollout local logistics everywhere in the world. The typical Dutch approach – open-minded, inventive and collaborative – has already led to the world-famous Delta Works and the logistical hotspots of the Rotterdam Port and Schiphol Airport. With the greenhouse fields in Westland, Fresh Park Venlo and Agriport A7, our small country, which is mainly situated below sea level, has grown to become the world’s second largest supplier of agri-food.